Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hollywood Back to School Theme Posters and Activities

Last year my classroom featured a STAR theme since our state test is called the STAAR test.  This year I wanted to change things up a little without having to totally redo my classroom.  After doing some Pinteresting, I've found my "Pin"spiration and got creative.  I've created the following items to add to my classroom d├ęcor.

I wanted an easy visual that would help my students remember my expectations for their hallway behavior.  This was also a super easy way to incorporate the Hollywood theme.

I also created a movie ticket style Noise Levels Poster that I can refer to before turning students loose on work.
I've also created some back to school get to know you activities that can be done with a independently, with a partner and with a small group.

What is your back to school theme?  What are your favorite back to school activities?  Your can find these items in a Back to School pack or individually at my Teacher Pay Teachers Store.  Don't forget to follow me!

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